God, where are you?

Dear God,

I know u r amazing and awesome. Sometimes I really want to look for you but not quite sure how to reach you.

In this summer, thank you for your abundance and let our family to visit Italy. I went to Vatican and had a slim hope that I might find you there. But you were not there.


I look for you during a mass, however you seem not to be there.

And then I imagine what if I look up to the sky and were sitting in the spacecraft looking back to the earth, will I able to find you?


No, I don’t think so.

So, where are you?

Sometimes I really want to talk to someone who knows me so well, understand everything of me that I do not have to explain, that he already knows what it is just by a sigh of me. This must be you, oh Lord. You made me and understand me very well, you know my future and I do believe you have already seen her and talked to her…but I don’t care, sometimes, I just want you to be here, by now.

Dear Lord, my God, where can I find you? Can I stay with you all the times? As if a friend who stand by me all the times? I know where I can turn to when I have troubles or anything upset me? Dear God, you know me, I don’t want to be alone, I want someone, or a friend who will stay by my side all the times.

You hear my cries and saw my tears when the Snowman dies. You know how sad and lost I was when the travel bus was leaving my brothers. You know that I coud not stay but also did not want to leave. You know how I missed them at that times.

Dear God, where are you? You know I am lonely, this certain part of me feels small, wanted to be understood all the times?

Thanks for listening.

Thank you.


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