Birthday parrrrrrty

We went to a birthday party of a friend of mine. Her kid is gonna be 4 and she invited neighbours and classmates of her child to his first birthday party. This is also the first party that Lucas ever attended.

It was a great party and slightly different from a normal kid birthday party. Normal party would have a banner of a girl in Elsa dress, a clown and some other games such as rainbow paracute. When everything going to be expected and even a standard, then it is not fun at all.

The theme of the party is dinosaur. I am so glad it was not Elsa or any other disney characters. My friend got an activity room as not too big and not too small, very enough for less than 10 kids in addition to their parents. There were not many games but kids invented their own! That was AWESOME!! In fact it was not planned but I think it was a brilliant idea for kids to invent their own games and own rules.

My friend prepared for the kids a slide (yes, a slide of their own!!), some eggs, a basket, bean bags, some blocks and enough number of fancy, big, colour and beautiful BALLOONS!!!!!!










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