2015 New Year Day

This post is about New Year day. It has been busy and I have to squeeze time out of the ordinary schedule to finish this. There are more things I want to jot down and yet too little time…

We went to Central PMQ for a walk on a sunny new year day.

The sun is too early to set as it is winter time. Sunshine was almost gone when we got there, but there were quite a lot of people.

I thought PMQ was some kind of modern design commercial building with glossy window walls. It was totally out of my expectation. It turns out to be an old building as if the JC building at Shek Keep Mei. Many small shops of interesting design opened at the buildings. In fact there were too many people walking around as if another shopping mall which filled with curious people. I could hardly enjoy being there.

There was a installing of merry go around placed at the garden. Kids just love it.


D rode the bike as with other parents. Kids sat at the backseat enjoying music and some action. Lucas was too small and he seemed to be scared/confused rather than excited.


Lucas was more interested in balls…


and piano

We supposed to take a ferry ride under a golden sunset. However, sun has been gone too soon. We cancelled the ride and did not know where to go.

We decided to go to the newly established ferris wheel. It has been “made” not enough for a month. There might be a lot of ppl queuing up…This was abolute the least i expected place to go. But we went finally.

There was a carnival nearby and a lot of exciting games. We just queue up for the wheel by waiting outside almost for an hour.

While we were in the car, Lucas spoke “屌” unexpectedly. This shocked both me and Dick. I told Lucas not to say thay word again but he kept trying as he had a lot of fun. I then slapped at his face and he yelled at once for sure. There were 5 other youngsters sitting in the same car wih us. They just muted instantly as if I was giving myself a shame. But in fact, I did not feel shameful at all. All I knew is to stop L immediately, otherwose he would makeit as fun and might harder to get rid of it. This is how people treat mothers nowadays. It is your fault if you hit the child. I wish they have children very soon.

I had fun with my family. In fact, I am always happy and grateful to spend time with my family.


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