BB29個月 · 去街街

輋徑篤+Hong Kong Marina

What a nice weekend!! This weekend, we have paid a visit to Flower market at Mong Kok and Sai Kung. On Sunday, the weather was not sunny at all! So hubby suggested to HK Marina Club for a chance of taking misty photos. So we were there!


Take minibus route 101M, get off at Lions Nature Education Centre. We did not turn left into the centre but simply went straight through the end of Che Keng Duk Road, viola~~ here we arrived at a private run club. Unfortunately, the mist did not turn out as we expected and so we just took a walk.You would see lots of yachts stopped near the coast, in addition to the mist, it was a nice view to see.



My dear L 🙂  It is his standard smile, he knows what it means! We were lucky enough to have him looked at the camera! 😉



We were told not allowed for pictures and walking on the bridge…but it is very tempting, isn’t it? Who would follow the rules??



There were lots of boats, yachts and even ships at the bay. L was very excited to see them and had a lot of fun simply playing with the robe. D was cautious and got a little bit tensed when L playing at the dock. We just worried that L might fall into the water as he skipped and jumped whenever, wherever he could…



After the visit, we left for mass. It was Sunday!! There are a lot of houses liked this with stunning seaview. I saw a man chasing after a small kid on the rooftop. The kid looked happy and excited. I would be happy and excited too if I have a rooftop liked this.




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