Are you trying to help me preparing dinner?

This is the first time you played with a REAL knife. Yes, a real knife.

Every time i work at the kitchen, you are not pleased simply standing at the gate. You demanded to come inside and necessary to watch me doing things. I totally understand how much you wanted to watch me because of such a thing called curiosity. This time, you even pushed your little chair into the kitchen for the sake of watching me, no, of the things I do…alright alright, I think it is the time for you to progress into next level and viola~~ you work with me in the kitchen preparing for your dinner.


I gave you a blunt knife, not that blunt but enough of not hurting you, I supposed. You stood besides me and watched me cutting things. So you just cut the things the way I did. Clever you! I left you some cucumber skins and carrot skins for practice. I see you how to hold a knife, what fingers you tried to use to control the cutting, however, you seems not really good at it but you did it carefully. Skins got nicely cut and thanks God you have not hurt yourself since then.

I hope that it gives you a nice impression and experience of working in kitchen. Also hoping that it gives you a good start on doing things on your own.

Love you,



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