My body wonders me

I feel liked my body recovers much more faster than I expected.

My boobs got smaller (I am glad they do), the acne and red patches on my face because of X-thing allergy fades gradually, my skin is regaining the glow and become radiant. My waist seems got a little bit slimmer. Nausea? Not anymore. While I am still at my mourning stage, my body seems already on her path of recovery. She just does what she has to do and move on. No lingering, no overstay. I am so amazed by my body.

Thanks God put me into a master programme where I met a lot of helping professionals and also books. I did not understand much about it even though I lost my father way back few years ago. Now I am sort of more grown up and went through some suffering depressing deep valleys, I am able to understand it a little bit more.

This book is my guide helping me through this.


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