Science Museum 西洋奇器

It is the birthday of hubby. 

Before his birthday, we would like to go to Science Museum for an exhibition of 西洋奇器. It was supposed a family activity of our own.

Since the day after is hubby’s birthday, I have an idea of inviting his parents to join us today. I can’t see they would refuse us unless they have other plans. There are some people would invite their parents for a meal as a celebration and showing gratitude of giving birth to the birthday person.

Grandma has been helpful in taking care bb  when that incident happened. I desperately needed some time off from everybody including my dearest bb for a rest both physically and emotionally.

Grandma would love and very glad to see her grandson every single day for sure but still, taking care of bb is my responsibility and I can have a few days off from everything because of her help. I think we owe her something because of this.

A day out activity does not mean anything big deal though, some people even take their parents to overseas trips. We cannot afford to do that. Try to do something as possible is better than doing nothing!

We spent a whole afternoon beginning with a nice lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Grandpa is old fashioned who prefer old school food, I.e, any Chinese food, therefore we had a nice lunch at Wang Jia sha as to keep everybody happy.

As usual, grandma sat next to bb and taking care of bb for the whole lunch. I deliberately “delegate” this duty to her as I have learnt enough to choose the most suitable battleground.

After lunch, we headed off to TST by mtr. Grandma and grandpa hold on to bb so tight that they didn’t let go of him anywhere. They hold his little hands all along from mtr to the museum. Me and hubby went after as if we are just a couple. I have a sense that this would exactly happen if all of us go travel. Hubby said he was petrified by this and an afternoon is enough for him.

Grandma got excited when we got there. She sent her beloved grandson to grandpa while visiting almost every corner of the exhibition.

Obviously grandpa got bored with the exhibition and simply followed the lead of Bb.

There are lot of exhibition in the museum and we almost finished all of them. At the end of the day, we had to set off and go different ways. Grandma would like to stay and see more, but grandpa insisted to leave. And so everyone left the museum.

I was happy for what happened today and I am sure hubby and bb were happy too. Hope that grandparents also have the same happiness as this is something meaningful and memorable for a family after all.

Let’s take a picture at the entrance before getting in. I asked bb to smile before the camera and he showed me this. Haaaa, awesome (≧∇≦)

This looks hilarious and funny.


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  1. Food Teller says:

    A nice experience for your family and Dick’s. Do you find the exhibition interesting? Will you recommend me to go? I want to go to Sai Kung for BBQ this Saturday. Wanna join us?

    1. martharitago says:

      The exhibition is ok, soso I mean. We have visited lots of other thing apart from 西洋奇器。
      Bbq bb 去唔去得?

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