Crystal & beads

hey, I should have mentioned the beading class I am going lately, haven’t I?

I joined the class because of some kind of meditation involved during the process. But once I start beading, I seems unable to stop myself not beading anymore! I am totally obsessed with the whole thing!

The tutor in my class is kinda…I would say she wanted to sell you beads more than teaching. I have explored many vids on YouTube for beading tutorials. Wow, it does boarden my horizon on beading and jewellery!!! I am so thrilled to find lots of materials on these things. I feel liked something, a very little something is opening its door for me, right now.

Last Sunday I went to sham shui po beading street to have a walk and bought two strings of pearls eventually (oops!!). Today I went to library for some understanding on beading basics. I wanted to know more about beading and hoping that I could do something about it in the future.

I  am not interested in 3D beading, those beading dolls, objects…at all. I am more obsessed with DIY jewellery, such as crystals, gem stones, pearls, shells and etc.

I know I am gonna spend a lot of money on these stuff such as below picture. In fact I have just bought those Swarovski crystal rings from a small shop with $650(only!!!!!!) I was not used to use jewels and accessories but hey I am getting old…wearing bold and colourful cheap plastics no longer make me feeling wonderful.

I guess all these changes, such as cultivating an interest, go after some genuine, em, expensive and valuable things are driven by my inner self who wants to change. To change better, look better and hopefully a little bit wiser.


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