The first family project

This work was actually done last week, the artful week. It was because of this school project, I have found the excitement of DIY/crafty projects.   I had a lot of fun throughout the whole process.

I have done most part of the poster since L unable to do much precise work. I left him hand paint a grassland and he was so happy about it. He wiped the paint on the paper as if wiping a table. I have to stop him from wiping the paint onto the whole paper! While the paint is half dry, we used the paint brush and tip point of it trying to draw something out of it. However, L was so tempted by using his palms and pressing onto the paper.

I also asked L to paint the sky with crayons. I drew a little bit and left him to do the rest, I think he has already tried his best 🙂

And soon we moved on to other details such as the rainbow, the animals and pom poms they hold. I have torn the paper out and prepared them in a suitable size and position. I asked L to stick them onto the pictures with glue and viola~~~ here is the picture at below 🙂


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