Brand new day

Tomorrow is gonna be a brand new day.

For baby sis is on her way…

She will be greeted by lots of joyful hearts and welcoming hands,

No longer in my tummy, leave my body,

37 weeks of “hiding” is coming to an end.


2 more days to go…

I am nervous…

I am getting more nervous…

My heartbeat starts to bounce fiercely when I imagining myself admitting into hospital.

My feet started to cramp…


I started to feel helpless,

A little bit of fear…

Of death?

Or pain maybe?

Or that kind of uncertainty…?

I don’t feel like I am going to labour, 

But have to be prepared myself for surgery and the recovery.

My focus has been stuck on these.

I don’t have much excitement of my little girl is about coming on earth.

But loathed with the fear of pain, uncomfortableness and all of the inconvenience of lying on bed.

I am unable to do a thing because of the wound. 

I feel helpless lying on bed.

Okay, I see the wound more than my baby…I get it.



而家想睇返當時心情對照一下都冇機會,可惜!原來我印象中嘅記憶同我老公講嘅野對照,都好多唔一樣咁嘅﹖第一同第二孕期過左就追唔返,得閒就update第三期做個留念。 Continue reading “孕婦維他命”




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